What is global warming?
Global warming is an increase in temperature of the earths atmosphere that is great enough to cause changes in global climate from increased levels of carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and several other gases comign from green houses also know as the green house effect.

What is the cause of global warming?

Carbon dioxide from fossil fuel coming from factories, cars, etc. lets off a carbon dioxide in the air. This carbon dioxide in the atmosphere makes our planet warmer then any other planet ing the solar system because it traps the obtained heat.

Methane emissions from animals and agriculture is another large contributer ranked right behind carbon dioxide. In making rice patties when organic matter is broken down by bacteria under oxygen-starved conditions a big amount of methane is produced. The process also occurs in herbivorous animals, and the increase in the amount of concentrated livestock production. Another source of methane are Caltrate of methane, a compound that contains large quantities of methane trapped in the crystal structure of ice. By way of methane escaping from the Arctic seabed, the rate of global warming will increase considerably.

deforestation for paper products wood and land increase the amount of carbon dioxide as well.Trees are one of the big things that store and remove carbon dioxide and when we chop all of the trees down large amounts of carbon dioxide are let out into the atmosphere.

How is it effecting the earth?

The rise of sea levels is an effetc due to the melting of glaciers and ice sheets caused by the high amount of carbn dioxide. This effect is displacing people because of homes and stores close to coasts.

more killing storms-
Warmer ocean waters cause these storms and lead to bigger numbers of larger devastating hurricanes. Over the past 30 years, the number of hurricanes and cyclones are being considered strong with a frequency of being a level of 4 and 5 storms and has nearly doubled. These harmful storms have been causing flooding, damage and loss of life.
crop failure
there are also several others problems but you can help fix it

How can we fix global warming? The way we can fix global warming is by cutting down fossil fuel by using more solar, wind, and etc. energy instead of being powered by fuel. Cuttin of lee trees is also a big difference instead of using trees we could use recycled products to use like paper products. One other thing we could do to help global warming is to clean up the earth by not littering and to clean up rivers by cleaning out garbage and stop dumping waste by factories and others.

I hope this information helped you learn about global warming and seeing cause and effect. Help clean the earth and make a difference. :)