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How Standards Based Grading Works:- Each unit has 3-4 quizzes that students must retake until they get an 80% or above.
- If students don’t get and 8/10 or above, a zero in for their score and I put their score in the comments section of my grade sheet
- Students have 2 days to make up quizzes or else they have to take an all essay version of the quiz
- Students can come in to take quizzes before school, after school or during their study halls.
- Once students have passes all the quizzes with an 80% or above, they can take the test. They will get a zero for all work that is not caught up on .
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Class Calendar: Were you absent? Check out what you missed.
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Physical Science Units (worksheets found here)
Unit Materials: Did you forget your homework at school? Print it out here. Various units and materials, including:
  • worksheets
  • answers to questions to worksheets from class
  • Vocab sheets
  • labs
  • study guides
  • jeopardy review games
  • Tune Up Activites
What the heck is a tune up activity?
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When you do not get an 80% on your quiz, you need to tune up (review, rework, and study) your knowledge on what the quiz was over.
  • 2 tune ups are required per retake
    • Tune up #1 - you must correct your quiz
    • Tune up #2 - this one is your choice possibilties include
      • re-write your notes over this section
        • Can't find your notes? Go to unit materials and re-write them
      • make flash cards
      • receive tutoring from a class mate
      • Go to Unit materials above and read the notes from this section
      • schedule a time to get tutoring from Ms. Wallrich, but it is expected that you have looked through the notes above first
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Class Links: Links to:
  • important websites,
  • including wikis,
  • and Google docs
  • Current Event
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Forms: Link to useful forms like:
  • Class procedures
  • expectations,
  • lab report templates,
  • lab safety.
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