Global Warming and the effects of insects carrying diseases and pathogens to other regions that they are not native to is a surprisingly
large discussion over the internet. A very wide and diverse group of people and scientist from different countries speaking different
languages are saying that Global warming can be a catalyst to a rise in insect populations and the amount of disease that is spread in the world.

Scientists think that one of the biggest reasons that disease could be spread due to global warming is because, As temperatures rise
then so does the amount of space, land or regions where insects can survive in as these insects move to different areas if the space
is large enough then the insects will have moved so from their native land. Resulting in people getting bit stung, or insects in
Water food anywhere. Any diseases that those insects may carry. Could be very dangerous to populations of people who are not
accustomed or whose bodies have not adapted well enough to combat these diseases as well as the inhabitants of the insects
Native land. They could Come down with diseases that can even kill.

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Scientists say that one of the most contributing reasons that Global Warming would affect isects is. That as other land and other
areas of the world become more heated. it becomes more hospitable for insects. All insects are cold blooded. That’s why you see
them in doors in winter and not out. That’s why there aren’t any in Antarctica. As the planet heats up then so does areas the insects
think are warm enough to live grow. As the move they can reproduce even more as because they have even more space to live
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One of the major diseases that could get spread is Lyme disease. it is spread mostly by deer tick which are larger and a different color than just regular tick youd normally find. as these deer tick move say from somewhere in teh U.S. that is very wooded. They could move on a animal or in some other ways to another region. while that animal is migrating the dick carrying the disease moves with it. to another mooded areas where it has become warm enough to survive and then it can reproduce and affect the animals of that area. including humans.
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Lyme disease that continues to develop inside the body can begin to form toxins that can be fatal. Flu like symptoms and extreme pain in the muscles and joints can make it difficult to perform everyday functions, including exercising and walking. Even with antibiotic treatment, the damage to infected parts of the body may be irreversible. Speech problems can begin to develop and worsen, causing communication to be a problem for the infected person. And deterioration of the muscles can cause a person to become bed-bound."
Eleanor Jewell

Riseing tempetures + More land to live in + Unadapted immune systems of people there = your gonna have a bad time.