Causes of Climate Change because of Global Warming.

NIC TABB-The pictures give you a good idea of whats going and makes it eaasier to imagine.
Meagan Scott: VERY NICE PICTURES, LEAH! great information. Job well done. One thumb up for effort.
Elizabeth Combs: The pictures are nice and give a nice visual to reinforce the topic. However the paragraph at the bottem sounds like it was copy and pasted.
Haley Krider: The pictures are very nice but i agree with Elizabeth the paragraph sounds like it was copy and pasted.
Carson Wright: I have to agree with all previous comments. the pictures do add a nice touch to the subject for visual reinforcment
Linhda Ta: The pictures are great and I agree with everyone else's comments about how it reinforces the topic but the paragraph doesn't seem to be paraphrased to your understanding.
Liam Winters: Good Pics. But needs more information.
Catherine Fabian: Love the pictures.
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