Global Warming: How To Make It Stop!

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Polar Ice Caps Melting! Warmer Winters! Crazy Storms! Drought in the Rainforests!

Global warming is getting out of hand, and if it keeps up, our world will be a completely different place by the time our grandchildren will be our age. There must be some ways to stop it, but they seem impossible, don't they? Well, it's time you learned exactly how to make it stop, in the simplest ways possible.

Planting Trees:

For starters, one of the main reasons that global warming is becoming so overwhelming, is because of the huge amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) roaming through our atmoshpere. Carbon Dioxide is what warms the earth through the Greenhouse Effect, but since there's a significantly large amount of it, it's overheating our earth, causing Global Warming. One of the main reasons for Carbon Dioxide overwhelming our earth is because:
  • Overpopulation of people/animals.
  • Underpopulation of plants.
  • Factories adding more Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere.
Of course, there are many more reasons as to why there is too much Carbon Dioxide. But the biggest reason is that there isn't enough plant life that can transfer the Carbon Dioxide that mammals and animals breathe out. When a person breathes in, they are breathing in the Oxygen that the plantlife is excreting. When a person breathes out, they are excreting Carbon Dioxide. Plants to the opposite. When a plant is breathing in, they breathe in and absorb Carbon Dioxide. When a plant breathes out, it excretes Oxygen, as I previously stated. But the Carbon Dioxide is not being absorbed by as many plants as there are humans, and it is released into the atmosphere, causing more greenhouse gases to sit in the atmophere, and absorbing more sunlight. Essentially, the Carbon Dioxide amount is overwhelming our Earth. One way that we can fix this is by planting more trees, even forests. But the main issue of planting trees is that our world is running out of room for forests, due to industry.
What I, and many other people, propose to do is the simple thing of going out and planting some plants. I don't mean, go plant a forest. But simply go out to your backyard, and plant a tree just once every few years. Every effort counts, and it would be a small but great way to help with the Carbon Dioxide overflow.


Another simple way people could help with Global Warming is to Recycle.
Believe it or not, Recycling is a big contributor to Global Warming. If we never recycled, the industrial plants and factories end up using more and more carbon dioxide into the atmophere, by breaking down more re-useable products. Things that you could do to help recycle would be putting all your papers, soda cans, water bottles, plastic items, and those sorts of things into a box, or a recycling bin, and then you would have less trash to get broken down. Just simply putting those items in a bin daily would help more than you could believe it.

Changing Lightbulbs:

When you go to change the lightbulb, instead of using a regular bulb, use a flourescent bulb instead. They were made specifically to preserve carbon dioxide, and they even last longer than regular bulbs.

Ride Your Bike:

Now, as a teen, we all love to drive since we all get our licenses. But when you're driving a car that has poor mileage, it's best to save your gas, and go walking or ride your bike instead. Now, I'm not saying go to work this way, but if you're driving down the street or a few blocks, it'd be best to just leave the keys and get some exercise into your system.

There are many ways to help with Global Warming, and how to make this world a better place. This is just a little page with a few simple, easy ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)


Written by Bella McEnroe

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